Slow Moving Front

Updateed 10:20 AM

Updated 9:00 AM
The front has moved very little east in the last two hours. The will continue to slowly move east but, in the mean time our temperatueres will continue to warm into the 70s..
Oct_13_cold_front_9am Front Position at 9AM

Updated 7:30 AM
A slow moving cold front in northwest Iowa will pass through eastern Iowa this evening. In advance of it, temperatures will warm into the 70s. A few showers will be possible this afternoon through tomorrow when temperatures fall below average. Morning lows tomorrow will be 20 degrees cooler than this morning. Highs will be in the upper 50s and stay there through the week. The map below shows the position of the front this morning:
Oct_13_cold_front Front position at 7AM

Rain amounts due to the front will be light.
Oct_13_rain_forecast Rain Forecast 7AM Mon-7AM Tue



Update on Friday’s Post

Even though I am not working I thought I would check and see how the latest computer model run is comparing to this past Friday. Look back at the previous post and compare how things have changed. The Tuesday October 21 time frame is much different. Now it shows warmer weather and no where close to seeing any cold or snow. As for the 25th of October it does still show cold weather but not as much moisture. Both of these could change many times before we get to this time frame. If you look at long range models every day most of the time you will see this kind of thing. One day a large storm will show up and the next it is gone and high pressure is there. Once we get within 7 days the accuracy of the forecast goes up and the computer models get a better handle of what the atmosphere is doing. I hope everyone is enjoying a great fall weekend. I will see you tomorrow on Today in Iowa. I will also take a look at what tomorrows model run shows for the below time frames. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Oct_12_gfs_pcp_228mTuesday October 21

Oct_12_gfs_pcp_312m Saturday October 25

How About Snow On The Ground By Halloween?

Each morning I look at all kinds of computer models and interesting weather or science related topics to post on the blog. Well today I decided to post about cold and snow. That is right cold and snow…I am not ready either. I want you to get out and enjoy the nice weather this weekend because eventually cold weather will be here. It might be sooner than we want….how about the end of October? That is right. By the end of October the GFS model brings in cold air and a couple of chances of snow for Iowa. Looking this far out with computer models is more for trends than anything specific. Only time will tell what will happen. Below are the two times in question from the GFS model. I will track this to see how this pans out. The blue line through Iowa on Tuesday and just south if Iowa on Saturday is roughly the rain/snow line. Prepare your Halloween costumes appropriately.

Oct_10_gfs_pcp_276m Tuesday October 21

Oct_10_gfs_pcp_360m Saturday October 25

Here is a taste of winter. This is a web camera shot from this morning in Bozemen, Montana

Click here for other cameras in Montana

Your LOCAL Forecast


We need your help! We want to add smaller towns to the forecast.
Do you like to take pictures? Do you have a digital camera? How would you like to have a forecast for your hometown on KWWL? Here is what needs to be done. On a cloudy day (not a foggy one) take a few pictures of your hometown with distinct objects/buildings in the photo.
For example: Iowa City: the Old Capital Building….Cedar Rapids: Mays Island…Cedar Falls: UNI Dome…Dubuque: Clock Tower…any water tower with the town name on it. Those are just a few examples of what we are looking for. When we do get snow on the ground we would love to have a winter version of the photo…but that is down the road. Use the guidelines in the image above and be creative. We do not need a night image.  Send your photos to …put in the subject line of the e-mail "LOCAL Forecast" and don’t forget to include the town, your first and last name…to give you credit. If you have any questions let me know. Thanks for your help. I look forward to seeing your photos.

Drought Update

Oct_9_drought_ia Oct_9_drought_mw
Dry conditions continue across northern Iowa into Minnesota and Wisconsin. The conditions have been getting worse in both of those states. No significant rain in the forecast through the weekend. Rain is forecast for Monday but, the question is…will the rain fall in the places that need it? Only time will tell.
Oct_9_gfs_pcp_108m GFS Model Monday AM
Behind this storm system the high temperatures will fall into the low 60s but in advance…a gusty south wind will help push highs into the mid to upper 70s this weekend. This storm system has cold enough air for snow well to our northwest. No snow will fall with this system in eastern Iowa.
Oct_9_day3_psnow_gt_04 Snow Forecast Sat AM to Sun AM


Oct8mda I am in the process of trying to raise money for MDA. If you can spare a few bucks to help me reach my goal of $2,400…it would be nice if I can exceed it…I would appreciate it. There is a link to donate on the left side of the blog. All the money goes to MDA.

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MDA is the largest nongovernmental sponsor of neuromuscular disease research.

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Frost and Freeze

Temperatures have remained pretty mild through October so you might not see Frost or Freeze Advisories or Warnings. Below is information from the National Weather Service about issuing Freeze and Frost Warnings.

It is now October and time to think about the end of the growing season in Central Iowa.  The National Weather Service issues frost advisories and freeze warnings during the growing season.   The normal first freeze dates in Iowa occur from late September in far northwest to late October in the southeast.  The National Weather Service in Des Moines issues frost advisories and freeze warnings until the end of the growing season.

Here is a map of when the National Weather Service in Des Moines will stop issuing frost and freeze products in the fall. The map also shows the dates of the nearby National Weather Service County Warning Areas frost and freezing product policies.   A hard freeze is widespread freezing temperatures of 28 degrees F or below.  If a hard freeze occurs before the given dates,  frost and freeze products will no longer be issued at the point.  If no hard freeze occurs by the dates given, then frost and freeze products will no longer be issued for the balance of the fall.